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Bonus Reels
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The Bonus Reels slot machine from cretus can now be played as an online fruit machine at simbat, with the continuation game being played on no less than 27 paylines. 3 Stars criss cross are needed to start the bonus game. You will win the number of credits that are displayed anyway. In addition, there is the possibility to win the stated prize more often with the bonus reels slot machine via the re-spins. Before the re-spins start, the length of the light tube is first determined by continuously clicking on START. After the length of the hose has been determined, it starts rotating. The hose stops each time the START button is pressed. If the light then stays on at ‘BONUS’, the prize shown in the display will be won again! With bet 5 there are 2 re-spins and with bet 10 there are 4. Re-play the online slot machine bonus reels.

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