Magical Forest

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Magical Forest
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The Magical Forest video slot is a new game filled with excitement, big wins, and endless magic! Play the Magical Forest and an invisible fairy will guide you through the forest. Spin the reels filled with magical creatures and magical bonus features! With the wave of a magic wand, regular symbols on the reels will be magically transformed into wild symbols. Clumped bonus symbols trigger generous free spins. A magical book decides which magical creature will accompany you on a special set of reels for the free spins! The colorful reels are filled with magical symbols like a leprechaun, a phoenix, and a magic book.

So game features include a MAGICAL WAND FEATURE, where a magic wand selects one of the regular symbols (10/J/Q/K/A) and transforms them into WILD SYMBOLS. A FREE SPINS BONUS FEATURE awards between three (3) and 81 FREE SPINS. FREE SPINS are played on different reels that feature different magical scenes. A magic book will reveal which scene the FREE SPINS will be played in, and which magical creature will be a WILD SYMBOL on the FREE SPINS reels.

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